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Sikhism, A Colourful History

(I know that at the end of the last blog I thought I was gonna touch on the Battle of Hastings in this new one, but I am not... Maybe next time...)

In Canada, Sikhs are the largest religious group among Indo-Canadians; the 2001 Canadian Census puts their number at 278,410 Sikhs in Canada. According to the 2004 Census, however, a more accurate number puts the number closer to 400,000. In the 1890s up until the early to mid 20th c., all immigrants coming from India were indiscriminately called and labelled under the general designation "Hindu" even if beyond 98% of South Asian immigrants were in fact Sikhs (figures and facts taken from "Sikhism" art., in The Canadian Encyclopedia). Since the Partition of India in 1947, along with immigration trends in Canada, as a direct result of so many circumstances, Sikh communities have elected to make Canada their home. Nowadays, even if the Sikh community seems to benefit and thrive in Canada's national policy of multicu…